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Salantai Culture House was established in 1947. The institution moved to the former Jewish Synagogue in 1958. On 1st June 2004 the Culture House was reorganized into Salantai Culture Center of Kretinga District Municipality. The Culture Center has a hall of 240 seats, an exhibition hall, a stage and office rooms.

The main activity directions

  • To create condidions for promotion of ethnic culture, traditions and customs of the past and ensure the ethnic culture is preserved and handed down.
  • To organize activites of amateur clubs and societes, providing conditions for practice and performance in local, regional and republic events.
  • To organize cultural, entertaining and educational activites.
  • To organize commemoration of public holidays, important dates and calendar festivals.
  • To provide occupation for children and youth, foster their artistic and cultural education.
  • To promote professional art.
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